Elite Athlete's Package

 Every horse should be cared for as though they were a world class athlete....
  • Hunter Jumper Training Services Stonewood EquestrianTwo lessons per week
  • On premises professional care and supervision 24hrs a day
  • Customized feed program
  • Monitoring of each individuals horses daily feed and water consumption
  • Personal medications and supplements administered
  • Stall mucking and bedding
  • Feed tub and water bucket maintenance
  • Blanketing, booting and fly masks on and off
  • Customized turnout program- we offer both individual and group, grass paddocks, sand paddocks, and turnout in the indoor area when the weather does not permit for outdoor. All horse have their feet picked out prior to and after turnout
  • Basic injury assessment and medical care
  • Customized worming program
  • Blanket management- including changing in correlation with the weather, cleaning of light blankets, and arranging for blanket repair and cleaning of heavy turnouts
  • Management of horses health and wellness program: farriers, veterinary care, therapy etc
  • Basic clipping of muzzle, bridle path, ears and legs
  • Laundry
  • Use of in house saddle pads, polo bandages, coolers etc
  • All brushes, liniments, show sheen, shampoo's, tack cleaning supple etc.
  • Use of indoor & outdoor rings which will receive regular maintenance and are equipped with a variety of jumps, gates, planks, boxes etc.


Farrier & Veterinary Services

Riders/owners may choose whom they wish to use for farrier and veterinary services.

Maintain your horse's excercise program

In addition we can arrange for your horse to be worked by another rider, if you are unable to make it to the farm, are away on vacation, are injured etc.

Hunter Jumper Training Services Stonewood EquestrianThe Professional's Package

For the busy client who wants to show but has limited time...

All services included above in addition to:

  • Daily riding and professional training of the horse in addition to lessons
  • Tack up & cool down service
  • All grooming, bathing, clipping, tack cleaning etc done for you
  • Management of show entries, packing, trailering, braiding, ring prep etc.
  • Care of all ailments & injuries






The Competitive Advantage

Hunter Jumper A Circuit Show Barn Training Services Stonewood Equestrian

At Stonewood we understand what it takes to go to the ring and win and as such we carefully craft a training plan for each horse and rider to help them reach their individual goals. Great care is taken to ensure our horses go to the shows in peak condition and are prepared for each class according to their individual needs and personalities. For our riders we offer free core strength training classes with a personal trainer twice a week and work with a wellness clinic which offers chiropractic,massage, and acupuncture service among other services.

While we train hard to reach our goals we also like to have fun along the way! We support our fellow riders ringside whenever possible and enjoy wine and cheese parties at the end of a successful day.

Join us for the 2015 season as we attend Trillium & A circuit shows throughout Ontario in addition to a few select shows in the US.

Please contact us in regards to pricing and show schedules.

Have your own barn and want to meet us at the show?

Contact us to discuss your needs.


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